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-ignorewarnings-keepattributes SourceFile, LineNumberTable, *Annotation*, Signature, EnclosingMethod, InnerClasses, EnclosingMethodIt kept obfuscating the field names. Also, tried @Keep annotation on class and fields. Proguard keeps changing the field name to a instead of thingy. import import com.squareup.moshi.JsonClass @Keep @JsonClass (generateAdapter = true) data class AuthRequest (@Keep val thingy: String) proguard.txt.

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I'm trying the following config , copied from the bottom of my proguard config file. The manual indicates that "-keep" should do the trick without needing a redundant "-keepclassmembers", but I'm trying everything I can find with no luck. # proguard config excerpt: -keep class com.j256.**. -keepclassmembers class com.j256.**.The Device Control UI BizBundle for Android is the core container of the control panel for each Powered by Tuya device. Based on Tuya Smart Life SDK for Android, the UI BizBundle encapsulates the APIs to load and control panels and accelerates the application development process.Introduction. This is unofficial documentation for R8, Google's code shrinker for Android™.Google intends R8 to be a drop-in replacement for ProGuard, and has provided documentation in the Android Studio User Guide to help you get started with it. However, they rely on the ProGuard Manual for detailed documentation, even though there are substantial differences between R8 and ProGuard.

Nov 05, 2014 · proguard-annotations. Easy to use inline @Keep annotation to keep class.. And easy to install. Usage