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- Realistic firearms & vehicle damage/handling. - Simple HUD. - Paid CAD system. - Integrated CAD system for in-game use. *** User friendly, Civilian and LEO resource guides available for your use! *** ~ REALISM AT ITS FINEST ~

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Attempted Crime Callouts (v1.7.2.1) The callout pack contains eight callouts which have the theme of "Attempted Crime". It means the crimes that haven't been occurred yet. Rape Attempt Callout. You will meet the rape attempt victim and interact with her in several ways. Kidnapping Attempt Callout.Search: Fivem Enable Pvp. If you are not founding for Fivem Enable Pvp, simply check out our links below :Download: / #FivePD tutorial today on installing the #RealisticPedDamages re...